Analysis of calves in commercialization of auctions in

Beef consumers profile in Porto Alegre RS

Bio-economic evaluation of beef cattle production in

Biodisponibility of fats in carnivores diets dietary effects

Bioeconomic evaluation of compesatory growth in beef

Composição de ácidos graxos de carne de cordeiros

Diets with wheat middlings and adition of phytase and

Digestibility and productive and metabolic performance of

Dose response to increasing dietary levels of 2 - hydroxy - 4

Economic analysis of beef castle production systems in

Effect of creep temperature on piglats pre and post

Effect of thermal environment on breeding performance

Forage intake by beef heifers on alexandergrass

Green tea extract as additive for dairy heifers

How does grazing intensity determine vigetation spatial

Lysine requirement of male broilers using different

Marginal efficiency of digestible lysine diets for growing finishing

Morphology of zebrafish ovarian follicles after

Morphometry and development of gonads tilápia (Oreochromis niloticus) supplemented with mineral salt composite copper, manganese and zinc

Oregano and green tea extracts as additives to dairy

Prevalence of white striping and wooden breast in broilers

Spacial use of heterogeneous environment and the influence of biotic and abiotic factors in grazing heifers in native pasture

Supplementation with iron sources in broiler breeders diets effects on egg production and quality, blood variables and performance of progeny

Utilization of exogenous enzymes mix to feed broiler

Voluntary intake and reproductive aspects of ewes ingesting high levels of sodium chloride levels

Winter pastures and animal grazing as a way to introduce

Yeast use in beef cattle feeding a systematic review - metaanalysis


Agronomic characterization and forage quality of intraspecific hybrids of the paspalum genus

Amino acid digestibility of feathers submitted to different process in broiler diets

Analysis of the commercialization of beef bulls in Rio Grande do Sul

Assessment of pain in lame cows and the relation with physical and chemical characteristis of milk, physiological parameters, thermography and nociceptive threshold

Belowground biomass of natural grassland with contrasted grazing intensity and submitted to deferments

Branched chain amino acids supplementation in diets with protein reduction for broilers chickens

Castration and behorning disbudding in beef cattle a systematic review - meta-analysis approach

Characterization of growth and body composition of wagyu x angus during the phases of backgrounding and finishing

Cytoembriyological evaluation, meiotic behavior and estimated of fertility of paspalum notatum poliploidized plants

Deferrals strategies in primary and secondary production of natural grassland

Development of a method for efficiency evaluation bioeconomic in beef cattle production systems in border rs west

Effect of supplementation on growth and development of brangus heifers

Effects of conjugated linoleic acid and lutein on the growth performance and immune responde of broiler chickens

Estimate of subcutaneous fat growth and loin eye area for carcass ultrasonography in different breed of casttle and gender in pastures

Evaluation of agronomic traits in interspecific hybrids of the genus paspalum

Feeding and social behavior of dairy heifers supplemented with green tea extract (camellia sinensis l.)

Genomic slect in beef cattle

Grazing management strategies based on animal ingestive behavior an example of the roational stocking with contrasting grazing management targets

Influence of tannins on the digestibility and postprandial glycemia in adults dogs

Management targets for pastures of tifton 85 submitted to different utilization strategies impacts on sward structure, haversting efficiency and forage production

Methane emission and feeding behaviour of beef cattle in natural grassland with different intensification levels

Methane emissions by cattle under herbage allowance levels in pampa biome grassland

Models and methodologies to estimate fixed genetic effects estiimation in a crossbred population angus x nelore

Nutritiona value caracterization and in vitro gas production kinetic of occurrence of forage species in pampa biome

Nutritional value of wheat byproductsfor laying hens

Performance of paspalum hybrids ( paspalum plicatulum x paspalum guenoarum and paspalum plicatum x paspalum lepton)

Protease inhibitors in microzd soybean diets for pigs weanling

Quality and traceability of meat product from low input system

Relationship between the variables associated with the behavior, temperament, management and maternal care of sheep - a multivariate approach

Renponse of paspalum notatum ecotype andre da rocha to nitrogen supply

Restoration of overgrazed natural grassland by temporary grazing exclusions

Seed production and quality of Paspalum guenoarum Arech. Azulão ecotype under different cutting managementon the second year of crop

Short term effect of trimming on the lameness score and behavior of dairy cows severely lame

Spatial distribution of tussocks in heterogeneous pastoral enviroments explotation patterns and forage intake by beef heifers

Summer crops nitrogen supply by early application in ryegrass grazed by sheeps

Use of probiotic in nutritional and health challenges situations in broilers


Agronomic characterization of ecotypes of Paspaplum notatum Flugge in response to photoperiod an nitrogen fertilization and selection of intraspecific hybrids

Analysis of production system swine the central region of Rio Grande do Sul

Animal behavior and physiological attributes of dairy cows subeject to environments with and without shade during the warm season

Assessment of glycerol in diets for adult cats

Biological responses in Holstein and Girolando cows under heat stress

Bite diversity, dynamics of ingestion and live weight gain by heifers in native grassland with different sward structures

Body development and productive performance of the beef heifers pregnant at 13-15 months of age

Calving prediction and behaviour in dairy cattle

Characterization and evaluation of forage yield of intraspecific hybrids of Paspalum notatum Flugge selected

Deferral and fertilization as a management strategy for native pasture

Effect of administration of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) on day 4 after f-tai on size, and luteal function and pregnancy rate in lactating beef cows

Effect of nitrogen on native grassland with overseeded ryegrass

Evaluating associative effects between concentrate supplement and low quality houghage in sheep

Evaluation of nutritional program reducing dietary crude protein and total phosphorus levels in growing-finishing pigs

Evaluation of reproductive bulls braford through molecular markers strs and snps and the termografy infrared radiation

Evaluation of the efficacy of eggs hiperimmunized (igy) in control of diarrhoea in post-weaned piglets

Focus on the use dietary energy and nitrogen excretion in weaned piglets

Growth and reproductive performance of 14-to 15- month old hereford heifers

Impact feeding management on charge of parasites lambs and distribution of gastrointestinal nematode larve in tropical grassland (panicum maximum cv. iz-5)

Integrated crop-livestock systems the role of grassland in solving the dilemma production versus conservation

Intrinsic factors production, the use of insemitation and objectives of selection and objectives of dairy cattle selection in southern brasil

Modeling and simulation for stocker-finishing cattle systems analysis

Nutritional evaluation of the rice straw to ruminants

Performance of broiler supplemented with different sources and levels of choline in the diet

Physical parameters of dairy cattle subjected to heat stress

Plasmatic cortisol and seminal quality of rhamdia quelen after using different concentrations of anaesthetic eugenol

Reflections of the supplement of lambs to concentrate on tropical grass and animal performance

Rice and soy protein isolate in pre-starter diets for broilers

Seasonal changes in functional attributes of paspalum notatum at different levels of soil fertility

Selection of white clover ppulations for aluminium tolerance and resistance to fungal disease caused by curvularia trifolli (kauff.) boedijn

The sounds of grazing

Use of infrared thermography to assess heat tolerance in dairy cattle subjected to heat stress

Vitrification of zebrafish (danio rerio) ovarian tissue using a metal capsule


Association between longevity and linear type traits in holstein cos in brazil

Bioeconomic model and selection indices in aberdeen angus beef cattle

Bone mineral accretion in broilers supplemented with phytase citrobracter braakii

Cryopreservation of colossoma macropomum sperm

Efect of grazing intensity on nitrous oxide emissions from soil in integrated crop-livestock system

Efect of nitrate inclusion in the diet on rumen fermentation, enteric methane emission and performance in ovine

Efect of shearing and level of hay in the diet oflambs confined in winter

Embryonic and larval stage of the hybrid pseudoplatystoma reticulatum x leiarius marmoratus and the parental leiarius marmoatus

Energy metabolism of broiler efect of fiber and protein diet and of food frequency

Estimation of commercial cuts from steers using ultrasound

Evaluation of enzyme complex on rice bran and feathers meal in diets for dogs

Genetic improvement through interspecific hibridizations in group plcatula - genus paspalum

Intraspecific hybridization of paspalum notatum flugge

Methane emissions and forage intake by sheep on integrated crop-livestock system efect of stocking method and grazing intensity

Modeling carbon dioxide emission in broiler production

Paspalum guenoarum seed yield components under different cutting schemes

Performance of lambs on estival pasture supplemented with different protein sources

Performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of lambs corriedale and texel finished in tropical grasses

Physiological parameters in dairy cattle applied thermal stress

Progeny bone devolopment from breeder hens fed diets supplement with zinc, manganese and copper from inorganic and organic sources

Recovery of infective larvae, worm burden and performance of lambs finished on pasture with different growth habits

Relationship between centesimal and zootechnical male and female parameters of tambaqui (colossoma macropomun) during the slaughter weight

Studies abut quality ingredientes for broiler chickens

Vegetation dynamics of natural grassland with contrasting management history, submitted to deferment


Activity based costing method applicability an contributions in a agribusiness company - a  case study

Characteristics of bovine milk produced in feedin and production systems with different technological support

Crude glycerin in the dairy cows feeding

Decision support bioeconomic model for livestock systems

Developmentof cryopreservation protocol for fish ovarian follicles using vitrification

Dietary effects of iron sources on broilers breeders performance and egg iron contents

Dynamics of native grasslan submitted to disturbance regimes and sowed with eragrostis plana nees

Early feed restriction programs and its effect on zootechnical indexes meat quality of broilers

Economic evaluation of finishing of cattle in irrigated pasture

Effect of contamination in semen quality of tambaqui (colossoma macropomum)

Effect of incubation system on devolopment of intestinal villi,metabolism,and performance of broiler chickens

Effect of nitrogen on floristic composition dynamics of rangelands overseeded with annual ryegrass

Effect of thermal treatment and using of monocomponent protease in broiler diets with fullfat soybean

Fecal and urinary index use for monitoring grazing sheep nutrition

Forage allowance in natural grasslands sward structure and intake rate of beef heifers

Genetic parameters for linear type and yield traits in holstein cows in brazil

Grazing methods and herbage allowances to optimize the natural resourses utilization with sheep

Latency of appearance of carotenoids pigments and its potential for traceability of ruminant diet

Methodology for risk meansurement of the thecnologies in cow-calf systems

Methodoly for evaluation of certification protocols of beef cattle

Nutritional value of dephytinizated defatted rice bran in diets for growing pigs

Nutritional value of different by-products of wheat for growing pigs

Production costs, economic analysis, and management control in reophilic fish unit case study in rondonia

Productive parameters in irrigated pastures use n the finishing beef cattle

Reassessment of flavophospholipol dosis for broiler chickens

Reproductive biology, development and production of seeds in adesmia tristis vogel

Seed production of two ecotypes of paspalum notatum under different nitrogen doses and gutting schemes

Shot-term forage intake rate under grazing conditons a study contrasting temperate and tropical pastures

Spatial and temporal distribuition of dung and soybean yield in integrated soybean-beef cattle system

Use of additives and variation of feeding levels in lactating jersey cows on milk composition and its stability

Use of soybean oil and beef tallow on diet digestibility, biochemical profile and faecal consistency of adult dog

Use of soybean oil, acidulated soap stock,lecithin and soybean glycerin in broilers feeds energy values of diets,performance and meat quality


Ability and maternal of corridale ewes and its relationship to survival and development of the lambs

Addition of sources of suplhur and calcium in the diet of adult cats and theis effects on urinary ph and acid-base balance

Carcass characteristics and meat quality of aberdeen angus steers finished in different pastures

Cytotaxonomy of the ganus mimosa l. and molecular variability in mimosa scabrella benth

Effect of conjugate linoleic acid on performace and immune response of weanling piglets

Effects of differnt fiber sources on nutrient digestibility, postprandial metabolic responses and intestinal health in cats

Fatty acid of vegetation and beef produced in the pampa biome

Forage intake and methane emission by sheep in pastues systems

Genetic diversity and accuracy of genomic information of beef cattle

Genetic parameters for behavioural and productive traits in africanizd honeybees apis mellifera using bayesian inference

Impactsof sward height management in integrated crop-livestock systems

Ingestive behaviour and daily forage intake by beef cattle grazing on natural grassland complex

Intake and nutrient utilization in sheep fed with italian ryegrass

Management targets for sorghum based on sward structures that maximize intake rate

Meta -analisys evaluation of rearing sistems of beef heifers mated at 18 months old

Performance and metabolizability in broilers fed diets containing rice bran and enzymatic complex

Phytosociological, structural and productivity characteristics of a native pasture on basaltic litolic soil

Plant-animal interface in relation to the intensity of input's application in natural grasslands

Protein-salt, mineral-salt and herbage allowance on productive performance and ingestive behaviour of ewes grazing tropical pasture

Selection de alfafa (medicago sativa l.) tolerant to aluminium and to grazing aptitude

Spring deferement and fertilization of native pasture on shallow basaltiv soil

Uma valiação zootecnica e economica de frangos de crte alimentados com dietas com perfis proteicos ideais crescentes

Use of n-alkanes to estimate the intake and digestibility of annual ryegrass by sheep

Vegetal diversity of natural grassland submited to the grazing intesities


Agronomic molecular, morphological characterization and determination of ploidy level of a collection of paspalum notatum flugge accessions

Agronomic, morphological e molecular evaluation of hite clover (trifolum repens l.) polycrosses progeny in two places of rio gran do sul

An integrated crop livestock system performance of early finished beef steers and sward spatial variability

Analysis of performance of hereford steers and heifers of different size

Bioeconomic aspects of breeding soundness examination in beef bulls

Broilers perfomance and ileal amino acids digestibility of diets increases with protease

Characterization of beef cattle production systems in the campanha region of rio grande do sul

Chromossome number and meiotic behaviour of mimosa bimucronata (dc.) o. kuntze populations in rio grande do sul

Cloning, expression and purification of proteins from bovine seminal plasma related with semen freezability

Effect of dietary fiber, genetic strain and age on performance, energy balance and digestive metabolism in broilers

Effects of the temperament under ewe maternal behavior and in the growth of their lambs

Evaluation of competitiveness in the beef cattle production systems in the southern and nothern of brazil

Factors affecting the stability of bovine milk

Foraging and movement patterns of cattle and sheep in complex pastoral environments

Genetic diversity and association of osteopontin gene with milk production in girolando breed

Grazing intensity and grazing methods in the production of lambs with crops in sucession of summer

Impacts of nitrogen fertilization and introdution of exotic species on the sucessional vegetation and primary and secondary production of natural pasture

Modelagem do crescimento de azevem anual (lolium multiflorum lam.) submetido a diferentes niveis de nitrogenio, em função da radiação solar absorvida

Natural and natural pasture improved in the development and reproductive performance in heifers hereford

Non-traditional amino acid supplemtation to improve the broilers production efficiency

Nutritional evaluation of defatted rice bran in growing and finishing pigs using the substitution method and regression analysis

Performance of primiparous cows and their calves fed mineral and protein salt supplements grazing on a native pasture dominated by eragrostis plana ness

Porbiotic, essential oil and enzymes in productive and sanitary parameters of broilers

Productivity and efficincy of production in beef cattle production systems

The use fecal nitrogen to estimate intake and digestibility in ruminants

Beef cattle groing and fattening on natural pastune submitted to different management types 

Calcium metabolism in broilers chickens and laying hens with organic acids and phitase in diet

Characterization of trifolium polymorphum poir., t. argentinense speg. and t. riograndense burkart populations native to rio grande do sul chromosome number, morphology and amphicarpy

Conjegated linoleic acid in bovine milk a metanalysis approach

Development of mechanical nests and assessment of their effects on the collection and hatching of eggs from broiler breeders

Evaluation of energy and protein supplementation of a low quality roughage by in the vitro techniques

Feed supplementation effect of manihot esculenta crantz on animal performance and parasite load in growing sheep

Immune reponse and performance of broilers submitted to dietetic variations of vitamin e and selenium

Lipids metabolism in cats study of the acceptance of medim-chain fatty acids and effects of the inclusion of y-linolenic acid the formation of arachidonic acid

Lotus corniculatus breeding for tolerance to aluminum toxicity

Phisyco-chemical characterization of brans meat catle marketed in porto alegre city

Productive performance and carcass characteristics of three breeds beed steers submited toto finished systems

Random regression models n the genetic parameters estimation for production an persistency in the productive traits from the cows of the holstein breed

Reaction morms models for study of genotype by enviroment interaction

Rearing of supplemented lambs on native pastures level of nutritional requirements supply and their relationship ith the animal response

Rice bran oil protection and their use in ruminant feeding

Seed production and flowering of lotu subbiflorus lag. cv el rincon

Seed production of species from the papalum genus

Selection of lotus corniculatus l. tolerant to aluminum

Selenium contents of eggs from broiler breeders supplemented with sodium selenite or zn-l-se-methionine

Study of agronomic production and utilization of adaptability and stability analysis as a criterion for selection of a collection of paspalum nicorae parodi acessions

Supplementation of embryo recipients cows with esterificated polyunsatured fatty acids

Sward structures for higher rates of herbage intake an aplicaton on dairy systems

Systemic modeling for diagnosis, planning and bio-economical analisys of livestock and agricultural systems

The management of grazing in heterogeneous pastoral enviroments ingestive behavior and animal production in different herbage allowances

Use of glycerin as energy source for broiler

Use of morphological markers in early selection of alfafa with grazing aptitude and evaluation of biological nitrogen fixation

Analysis of the commercialization of beef calves in the rio grande do sul

Ascorbic acid stabilized with citric flavonoids for broilers under heat stress effects on performance and meat quality

Crop-livestock integration system performance of superprecoce beef steers and yield of succeeding soybean crop

Cytogenetic ans morphological characterization of a collection of paspalum nicorae parodi accessions

Diurnal ingestive behaviour of cows grazing on natural grasslands invaded be eragrostis plana ness as affected by protein and mineral supplements

Effect of the addition of butyric acid and phytase in the digestibility of nutrients in growing pigs

Effect of the supplementation with selenium on profile sanguineous biochemist and physical-chemical characteristics of normal milk and nt acid unstable milk

Fatty acid profile and meat quality of steers finished in feedlot or in pasture

Fatty acids profile, quality and production from the milk produced by holstein cows conducted in oat and ryegrass pastures, whit and whitout supplementation

Feeding strategics of nutritional management to heifers and primiparous beef cows

Genetic diversity analysis and evaluation of morphophysiological traits associated with drought tolerance in different genotypes of white clover (trifolium repens l.)

Impact of italian ryegrass (lolium multiflorum lam.) management on the infective larvae in graze and parasite burden in sheep

Prformance reproductive in beef cows submitted to temporary or definitive early weanning to artificial insemination

Productive characteristics of native grasses of the genus paspalum in response to nitrogen availability

Productive performance of broiler breeders hens fed 25-hydroxycholecalciferol

Protein and mineral salt supplements of pregnant heifers grazing on a native pasture dominated by campim-annoni-2

Responses of uncoated and coated seeds annual ryegrass (lolium multiflorum lam.) to salt stress

Responses os female broilers from two strain crosses to diets with different ideal protein profiles

Sheep production in ryegrass pasture maneged under grazing intensities and methods in crop-livestock integration

Strategies of herbage allowance management in natural pasture vegetation structure and beef heifers raised

Study of methodological variations in apparent nutrients metabolism determination in broiler chickens

Technical-economic results of beef cattle bredding supplementation in natural grassland invaded by capim-annoni

Unstable not acid milk and physical-chemical characteristics of milk from jersey cows

Weaning ages and the productive performance of beef cows and their calves

Yields of prepared cuts of cattle carcasses and selling price formation

Agronomic and molecular characterization of paspalum urvillei steudel

Associative effectes of the energy and proteic supplementation of low-quality forage in sheep

Beef cattle and sheep ingestive behaviour in native pasture from rio grande do sul depressão central

Biological efficiency of the acidulated soybean soapstock and the soybeans oil broilers with or without supplementation of glycerol and lecithin

Calving periods and pregnancy rate in beef cattle

Characteristics after slaughter of steers finished on sunflower silage (heliantus annus l.)

Characterization and analysis of the genetic diversity in the core collection of red clover (trifolium pratense l.) by morphological,molecular and biochemical markers

Coated urea or not in the supplementation to steers fed on low quality hay

Components non-integrant of the carcass and carcass and meat characteristics of intact or castrated males feedlot finished and slaughter with 16 or 26 months of age

Composição de acidos graxos e livre escolha em dietas iniciais de frango de corte

Cytogenetic variability in a collection of paspalum notatum flugge accessions

Deposition efficiency of lysine at 26, 33 and 40 days of age in broiler chicken

Ecological control of dispersal focus of annoni-2 grass on roadsides

Effect of enviromental temperature, dietary energy level and weanling weight on performance and metabolism of newly-weaned piglets

Effect protein and mineral supplementation in the performance of heifers in native pasture invadid by campim-annoni

Forage allowance manipulation on natural pasture effect on the grazing eviroment and beef heifers development

Forage yield and nutritive value of cool-season forage species under shading by pinus elliotti trees and at full-sun

Grazing behaviour of steers in temperate pastures submitted to differente sward management heights

Heifers and primiparous cows growth and reproductive performance

Influence of the diet allowance, parity and lactation stadium on the physica-chemical and microbiological properties of the bovine milk and the occurrence of unstable not acid mlk

Introduction of jundia (rhamdia quelen) and nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) in the tradicional carp polyculture practiced in rio grande do sul. isolate or conjugate introduction

Management model by macroprocesses and performance indicators system to a beef cattle enterprise

Management sward height and his consequence in animal production and dynamics of anual winter pasture

Methods of disinfection and disinfectant acitive principles and contamination,embryo moratality and hatchability of eggs and embryos of broiler breeder hens

Milk production and ingestive behavior of jersey cows on cool season annual pasture with or without soybean supplement

Native pasture structure and grazing behavior in response to herbage allowance

Nutritional supplementation in the milk production from pasture system

Performance of male broilers of two strains and diets with three levels of protein

Quality of jersey cows milk on winter cultivated pasture with and without supplementation 

Supplementation salts of sodium and potassium drinking water during pre-slaughter feed removal of broiler

Temperament of three sheep breeds submitted to different management grazing

Use of cost centers method in cow-calf